Almost september

It’s almost September and I can say that I have gained a lot of knowledge about the Portugese language. And that feels good, but at the same time I don’t feel like I improve my abilities to speak rapidly. However I should’t be very pessimistic, because people do understand me at times. When they know English, that really helps understanding how I build up my sentences. Learning the language is fun, but also more and more oncomfortable, because I am more aware of the things I say incorrectly. One day I was able to explain the route to someone, even though it was only two streets further, it was a victory.

More frequently I understand what people say and understand more of articles in the newspaper for example. Also when I send texst messages I don’t get responses like: can you repeat your question? That means I can make myself more and more known :-)

In the picture below you find Corinthians 13 changed a little. Explains how love also can look like in a multicultural/bilangual setting. Here are things written that I still need to learn, but also for the receiving culture to be sensitive off.

A little while ago the teenage girl that lives here as well in the house started talking with me during a walk we made. Often I thought it must be difficult for her living with someone in one house, whom you can’t understand. I enjoyed it a lot to have contact with her even though I could not understand all she said, because she spoke really fast. I tried to let her know once, but somehow she did not know how to change it. I think at that time it was better to listen than to say very often I don’t understand. Hope I made the right descision there haha. Luckely I was able to ask her some questions as a response.

My teacher really pays an effort to make the classes fun! Usually we talk the first 30 min in Portugese and often she brings me Portugese treats. She shares a lot about her culture and also shares about the Angolese culture, since she has been teaching for many years missionaries who also went to Angola.

Hope you have enjoyed your holiday time this summer and enjoyed the weather!

Last week a friend of mine from my church in Nijkerk was here travelling through Portugal and we went together to Evora. This was fun and relaxing! Evora is very old and beautiful. Soon more friends and family will come for a visit, including my parents!

Till soon!

Groetjes Irene

Wie ik ben

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