Bom dia!

In the past two months, many things have happened. I noticed that I haven’t been writing a blog since some time, so here it is. I had a good reason though, because I was studying and had family and friends over 😊 The visitors where my parents and two friends, so much more fun to explore Portugal with them. I was a great time!

Compared to the months June, July and August is has become more difficult to do my home work, since there are more choices in verbs and also in activities besides study. For example the Lisbon Project, where I come almost every Friday organises a lot of activities, besides the other support they offer the refugees. I have been to some of them, a diner in style of Syria was one of them.

Next to these great encounters with people here in Lisbon, there are also the beautiful places where I come to study sometimes. I have attached a photo of my favorite. More visits are upcoming, time with the family with whom I am living and a few more afternoons with the youth from Mem Martins. I am curious and looking forward to what these 4 weeks will bring me more.

Speaking in Portugese is still quite difficult, but I expect it do be like this for at least the next half year. Need to practice a lot! And I get those opportunities a lot here. So I am not to worried, and even more opportunities later in Angola. There are witnesses whom can confirm that I am able to have a conversation and understand a lot. If you wish, I can give you their contact details �� Haha, no I know that you are supporting me! No doubt!

My teacher is very patient with me and helps me to improve my listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. A lot of the class include talking with her about different things. My Portugese family here are speaking more and more only in Portugese with me. It makes me happy to remember this was one oppsite.

Since about 3 weeks I visit once to twice a week an elderly home, where I join a nurse in her activities. Which are wound care and arranging medications for the patients. The pastor of my church here is the doctor there and he arranged this for me. This gives me the opportunity to learn more medical words in Portugese. The nurses are all very helpful, they write all the words I don’t yet know.

Então, only 4 more weeks left, so I will go back to study now!

Ciao e ate logo= Bye and see you again!


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